New Maybelline THE FALSIES Volum’ Express Mascara

So Maybelline released a new mascara under their Volum’ Express line called THE FALSIES. It promises to give a “False Lash” effect by giving you more visible lashes, filling in the gaps and giving you 5X the volume due to the addition of  Pro-Kera and extra fibers….

I picked up a tube of VERY BLACK in the Waterproof formula. Here’s my review:

  • The curved “spoon brush” helps to coat all of my lashes, even the tiny, almost invisible ones
  • It’s a wet formula, so it glided over my lashes effortlessly
  • It definitely lengthened my lashes and gave me a DRAMATIC look
  • The waterproof formula is great for summer because it keeps the mascara on your lashes (not running down your face as you sweat from the 100 degree weather lol)

NOTE: If applying 2 coats, make sure to apply immediately after the other. Your lashes will look clumpy if you let the coats dry in between applications.

I hope my review helped give you insight on this new product. Keep in mind, I have fairly long lashes, but I can still judge a good formula when I see one. So the REAL test will be for one of you lovely beauties to try it out and let me know how it worked for YOU!

Maybelline THE FALSIES Ad

Maybelline THE FALSIES Mascara


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