New Mini Pocket Size Beauty

Now we all know that Vaseline has been that one staple product that we’ve had in our medicine cabinets for years. It moisturizes lips and skin, serves as a protective barrier for burns and cuts, and can even be used as a clear mascara (*Major Plus).

However, we normally just use this jelly at home because let’s be honest…who wants to carry that tub around in their purse? Well no worries. Now Vaseline has made a jar small enough for you to carry everywhere!

Introducing the new pocket size travel Vaseline jar. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, one of your smallest clutches or your desk at work. It retails for under $1.00 and is discreet enough to use anywhere. Airport Friendly : )

You can find these at your local drug stores, bodegas and on the web at

Even stars like Jennifer Lopez and Laila Ali are known for their everyday use of this product.

My Mini Pocket Size Vaseline Jar @ Work

Jennifer Lopez

Laila Ali


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