Artistic Genius or Mockery…”Act Da Fool” The Latest Fashion Collection by Proenza Schouler

“Act Da Fool”….not too much that I can say about this short film highlighting Proenza Schouler’s latest fashion collection. I must admit that I am amazed at the fact that her short is narrated by the voice of a black girl who expresses her disgust with the slums that she currently lives in while describing the odd things she does with her girls. I don’t know if it was the “F Bombs” repeatedly being dropped or even her declaration of never going back to church. Maybe it was just the constant image of these young black girls takin’ 40 Ounces to the head as they danced around in junk yards….

Some say this is just an insight and reflection of what actually goes on in the minds of the underprivileged youth in poor towns…that their unfortunate conditions have caused them to give up hope on God. That relying on drinking and staring at the stars will be the only thing to get them out of “this place”…

I know this short film is supposed to be “fashionably artistic”…but forgive me if I don’t find the “Beauty” in it….


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