How to get Katy Perry’s Trendy MTV VMA Nails

Katy Perry at MTV Video Music Awards 2010 - Los Angeles

Katy Perry at MTV Video Music Awards 2010 - Los Angeles

Close up of Katy Perry's Russell Brand Nails

Katy Perry not only mesmerizes us with her vintage pin-up style looks and her soda pop hits, but she apparently keeps us up to speed on the latest nail trends too…

At this year’s MTV VMA Awards, she hit the white carpet rocking images of her beau Russell Brand on her nails. No better way to represent your significant other than with a vivid image of him on each digit right?

Well Katy Perry isn’t the only one who can rock this new nail trend.

Check out INSTYLE Nails…distributors of the ArtPro Nail Printers.

ArtPro Nail Printers are desktop nail art machines that print various color patterns on your nails or nail tips, with quick and easy DIY nail art designs.

You may choose from 1000’s of pre-uploaded designs and achieve unique, stylish and glamorous nails within minutes!

You may also upload your own designs or take a picture with a built-in camera of yourself, friend or pet and print it right on your nails in less than a minute.

So represent your favorite sports team at the games or even put your company brand on your nails. The possibilities are endless.

Visit for more information on where to find a salon near you or to inquire about having an INSTYLE Nail pro come out for your own private event.


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