Catching up with Celebrity Choreographer Tweetie….


Meet Tweetie….BGirl. Mother. Choreographer. Beauty Diva.

This 33 year old, South Bronx native is showing the world exactly how to look fabulous while “poppin and lockin” at the same time. With her down-to-earth spirit and warm smile, you can see exactly why this was the star choreographer called upon to teach Oprah and Gail the latest Hip Hop moves on The Oprah Show.

You might recognize Tweetie by the way she “whips her hair” or maybe by the cute Tweety Bird tattoo on her arm. Either way, you know that’s her.

On January 22, 2011, I was able to catch up with the “Breakin’ Queen” at The Urban Movement Tour 2011 at Roseland Ballroom in NYC. Check out Tweetie’s interview below where she shares her beauty regimen and dishes out some of her top beauty secrets………


Q: You do alot of high impact dancing. What products do you use to keep yourself feeling fresh throughout the day?

A: Dove deodorant. It keeps me clean and dry, plus it smells great. That is SO important when you’re performing and around people in close quarters. You have to smell good, even if you’ve been sweating all day! Also, I love scented body spray and lotion. My favorite right now is Victoria’s Secret Amber Romance and Bath & Body Works Moonlit Path.

When performing, I prefer body sprays over perfume and oils because they are light weight scents that I can spray all over.


Q: What’s your favorite cosmetics brand?

A: All M.A.C.! I love M.A.C. makeup! They have the best glittery, sheer pink lip glosses.


Q: With your rigorous rehearsal/performance schedule, how do you maintain your Glam look?

A: I make sure to get my hair and nails done every week. Manicures, pedicures, everything done. It’s a MUST!


Q: When applying your makeup, what is the main beauty feature that you like to play up and focus on?

A: My eyes! I love eyeliner and I am a Mascara FREAK! I love, love, love all mascara right now.


Q: Since you do alot of sweating, what is the best eyeliner to use that won’t run while you’re on stage?

A: Maybelline Line Express Eyeliner. It doesn’t run and I use it everyday.


Q: What do you use to remove your makeup and maintain a smooth complexion?

A: I use Neutrogena MakeUp Remover Night Calming face wipes. They keep my face from breaking out. They also don’t dry my skin out like other facial cleansers tend to do.


Q: With all of the spins, jumps and backbends….how do you keep your hair looking so chic and fabulous?

A: Haha. Well that’s easy. My head is shaved on one side and I use weave extension pieces on the other side. I used to wear my hair long, but my hair styles would sweat out and get in the way. So now I wear my hair short and I LOVE IT!


Q: Ok, so here’s a tough beauty scenario for you. You’re running behind and you only have time to apply one beauty product before you go on stage. Which product would you pick?

A: OH NO! Just One? Ok. I would have to say my M.A.C. concealer. I use the one that comes with the pump because its quick and easy to apply. It’s my must have beauty product. I can’t live without it.


Q: What’s the next big beauty move that you’re going to try?

A: I’m going to get cool designs shaved in the back of my head. I also love bright colors in my hair. I have blue streaks now, so we’ll see what color I’ll try next.


You can catch Tweetie teaching Hip Hop at the Alvin Ailey Dance School in NYC. Click the link below to see how you can sign up!

Alvin Ailey Dance School-Register

Also, don’t miss your chance to see Tweetie’s glam style in motion during The Urban Movement Tour events this year, making stops in Miami and LA.


About The Urban Movement Tour

The Urban Movement Tour (TUMT) stems from years of envisioning the underground culture at the forefront of the arts + culture scene, without losing its essence to the mainstream. TUMT brings over 35 years of combined dance and competitive experience ranging from b-boy pro-am, battle of the year and freestyle sessions. Their lineage of dance instruction and mentors include some of the most renowned dancers in the world. The tour combines arts, music, fashion and dance with more than just battles and performances.

For more information on TUMT and Tweetie, visit

Follow them on Twitter @TheUMT




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