Beauty Reviews

Beauty Pick #1

Brand: Temptu

Item: Airbrush Make-up system

Price: $225 for system, $55 foundation pods, $43 Retouch Powder, $30 Blush pod

Where to find: Sephora, QVC

Temptu System

Review: Throw out your liquid, cream & powder foundation’s its 2010 and airbrushing is the future! Temptu’s system is easy to use, provides flawless all day coverage.
I am in love with this system I’m actually repelled by idea of using foundation again.
The coverage is natural and I swear it color corrects to match my skin tone perfectly. I also use retouch powder for perfect matte finish. If you prefer a dewy finish don’t use powder.

I have used blush pod which I also really like but I still use my NARS powder blushes. Please note if using powder/cream blushes, dont apply right after you have applied foundation, you have to let foundation rest for a few minutes. Then apply blush.

The only issues I have had is the how long the pods last. There suppose to last 2-3 months but my experience has been 1-2mths if that. The price is high for system but its an investment in you and in my opinion worth every penny.

-Simone Berry, New York, NY


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