February 2010-BR

Valentine’s Day Beauty Pick #1

Brand: MAC Cosmetics

Item: Matte Lipstick

Color: Ruby Woo

Price: $14.00

Where to find: Any MAC Counter, MAC store or www.maccosmetics.com

Review: Red Lipstick comes in all different shades and textures. This is by far my favorite of them all. This lipstick goes on smooth and compliments a variety of skin tones. It’s matte, so it gives you that old Hollywood glam look circa Marilyn Monroe. The color pigment is rich, so you don’t have to layer this on. Plus, as we all know, red lips give our teeth an extra boost of white! Gotta love that! It’s a perfect color to knock ‘em dead on Valentine’s Day….or any day.

– A.M.

Valentine’s Day Beauty Pick #2

Brand: Marc Jacobs

Item: Fragrance

Scent: LOLA

Price Range: $48 for 1 Oz Eau de Parfum Spray to 3.4 Oz Eau de Parfum Spray $85

Where to find: Sephora, Major Department Stores and www.lolamarcjacobs.com

Review: Not only is this bottle gorgeous, but the scent will have you feeling just as irresistible, right in time for Valentine’s Day. I like this fragrance because it smells great and it’s not too overpowering like some eau de parfums tend to be. I don’t have to apply a lot and the scent lingers with me all day. Before I go out, I like to lightly spray it throughout my hair as well. Whoever is lucky enough to get close to you while wearing LOLA will definitely have a problem walking away.

– A.M.

Valentine’s Day Beauty Pick #3

Brand: OPI

Item: Nail Colour from the Holiday Wishes Collection

Color: Mingle and Jingle

Price: $9.99

Where to find: Ricky’s NYC, Major Beauty Retailers, www.OPI.com

Review: OPI always releases a new shade of red with each collection every season. I have to say I have not been able to get over this one yet. This is the perfect crimson shade. It has just enough shimmer to take it beyond your average red nail color. It covers the nail in just one coat, and 2 coats for a bolder impact! This color will definitely have you jinglin’ baby!

– A.M.

Special Double Beauty Pick #1

Brand: Gillette®

Item 1: Venus® Embrace® Shaving System

Color: New! Pink

Price: $9.99-15.99 (includes refillable razor, 2 cartridges and a Showerpod®)

Item 2: Satin Care® Shave Gel

Scent: New! Floral Passion®

Price: $1.99-3.49

Where to find: Food, drug, grocery and mass merchandise stores

Review: So the Gorgeous Divas over at Gillette gave me two of their latest innovations: The Venus® Embrace® Shaving System in the New PINK color (love, love) and the Satin Care® Shave Gel in the new Floral Passion® Scent.

I will say shaving is not the most Glamorous beauty ritual, but hey, we all have to practice good hair removal in order to keep us looking and feeling our best. I honestly thought that the 4 Blade razor inventions were the best razors on the market for women….until now. Not only is the Venus® Embrace® a 5 BLADE RAZOR, it also has a protective ribbon of moisture that lines the outer rim of the razor head which helps to keep skin feeling silky smooth. I figured that it would do great on my legs, which it Did! However, the real test was the under arm area. As we all know, the under arm area is the hardest place to get a clean shave. Most razors often leave small hairs behind, which is not good at all. Well I found this razor head to glide easily under the arm and get all those problem hairs out of there.

Added Bonus: The Showerpod® has a suction cup on the back so it sticks conveniently to my shower walls and the fact that it conveniently stores replacement cartridges is absolutely AWESOME!

Let’s not forget the aid of the Satin Care® Shave Gel. I have typically been a soap and water shaver. I never really thought twice about the need for a separate product to shave with. I decided to try out this new Floral Passion® shave gel with the Venus® Embrace® Pink razor, and it was AMAZING! The razor glides so much easier over the skin with this shave gel and I didn’t get those pesky little cuts I usually get when shaving near my ankle area. The scent smells great too. It really makes the shaving process enjoyable. I now look for an excuse to shave JUST to experience the scent.

Huge Thanks again to the Ladies at Gillette. Now that I’ve tried this razor and shave gel, I am never going back to my old routine hair removal. I can’t wait to test out your next release!

Keep up with the latest products from this Glamorous brand by following them on Twitter @GilletteVenus and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/GilletteVenus

– A.M.

Beauty Pick #2

Brand: Benefit

Item: Stay Don’t Stray

Price: $24.00

Where to find: Sephora stores, www.sephora.com and www.benefitcosmetics.com

Review: Have you ever stumbled across a concealer that is your perfect shade and coverage only to find that a hour later you have the infamous “under eye crease”?  What if I told you there was primer you could use on your entire eyelid and under your eye.  Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, that is exactly what Benefit’s stay-put primer does.  It neutralizes eyelid color and keeps your favorite eyeshadow and under eye concealer on all day, crease-free.  I could not ask for more in an eye primer and the duality of this product makes it well worth the $24 price tag!

– Aja Murray, Philadelphia, PA

Beauty Pick #3

Brand: Make Up Forever

Item: HD Microfinish Powder

Price: $30.00

Where to find: Sephora and www.makeupforever.com

Review: Don’t let the color of this loose powder scare you away! It’s a translucent powder that sets foundation and gives your skin a beautiful, matte appearance. I tend to have very oily skin and my face starts to develop the greasy, shiny look that isn’t pretty on anyone. Instead of using hundreds of blotting papers throughout the day, I buff this finishing powder with a kabuki brush on top of my foundation, or alone if I’m going au naturale, and voilà! Flawless, shine-free skin for the whole day! It’s so light that it feels as if I’m wearing nothing on my face. Since it’s a translucent powder, women of all skin tones can wear it without trying to figure out the right color. It also works great in photos, getting rid of those unflattering, shiny-faced pictures once and for all. Remember: a little bit goes a long way so the expensive, little jar lasts almost forever.

– Julie Pai, Burlington, NJ


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